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FINAL CONFERENCE - 28-29 March 2019 (Leuven)

We have the pleasure to invite you to the final conference of the Re-InVEST project: a 4-year participatory action-research (funded by Horizon 2020) on social investment in various policy areas for a more inclusive Europe.

This high-level conference will be an opportunity for dialogue on this issues between researchers, policy makers, public and social services, and civil society. It will be held in Leuven on 28-29 March, with an opening address by the European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, Mrs Marianne Thyssen. Please feel free to forward this invitation to potentially interested colleagues and disseminate it via your newsletters or website.

Please register before 15 March for the final conference of RE-InVEST in Leuven (28th-29th of March 2019).


RE-InVEST Final Conference - Programme

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