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WP1 - General management

General coordination and management: internal division of work, drafting of consortium agreement, financial administration, periodic reporting to EC, follow-up of milestones and deliverables. As explained in the section on ‘general management’, the RE-InVEST project was initiated by the ‘Alliances to fight poverty’ network. The RE-InVEST team includes only part of the Alliances network, but will remain closely connected with this network.

Given the specific objectives and methodology of the project, and the embeddedness of the research consortium in the Alliances network, the general coordinator of RE-InVEST (Prof. Ides Nicaise from KU Leuven) will collaborate closely with the network coordinator of the Alliances network (Michel Debruyne from Beweging).

Within RE-InVEST, Beweging vzw will also coordinate the consortium meetings and external networking, and play a prominent role in disseminating the research results (see WP8). Both coordinators will be assisted by a Management Board made up of the two coordinators, their assistants, and the WP leaders.