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WP8 - Capacity building, dissemination and policy dialogue


One of the key objectives of this research project is to contribute to an enhanced effectiveness of the Social Investment Package policy of the EU and the member states. To achieve this objective, RE-InVEST uses the informal network of ‘the Alliances to fight Poverty’ where the participation of stakeholders (trade union asso-ciations, NGOs and vulnerable people, and policymakers) is secured to propose feasible solutions, using the scientific knowledge generated from the RE-InVEST research in social, labour and macro-economic policy design. We will reach the stakeholders notably via network meetings of the Alliances to Fight Poverty, through position papers and policy briefs, seminars, an accessible website and other interactive tools.

The specific objectives are to:

  • summarise the findings of the RE-InVEST research project and to develop a coherent vision of policy responses which are prone to instilling solidarity;
  • promote the active citizenship of European workers and vulnerable people through networking and capacity building around the research consortium and the Alliances;
  • inform stakeholders, especially policy makers, to contribute to the effective implementation of the Social Investment Package priorities;
  • deliver expertise to involved EU services and member states’ services by contributing to the knowledge base on social policies; 
  • formulate policy recommendations and policy briefs to rebalance financial and economic policies of the EU and member states in accordance with findings of the RE-InVEST research.