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In 2017 the ESPAnet Conference discusses the new horizons of European social policy in the aftermath of the neoliberal austerity period and the Brexit. European societies have changed dramatically in the last decade. Fiscal consolidation, the 2008 financial collapse, demographic changes, the refugee crisis, social movements, unemployment, and new political forces are challenging social dialogue, solidarity and the European project.

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Social policy has traditionally played a key role in addressing emerging social risks, implementing social cohesion and re-building Europe. The development of the European social model has been an inspiration to many other countries of the world. It is a key instrument for responding to (new) social risks and fostering sustainable development in many countries and regions of the world across different cultures, societies, history and economies. The European social policy has regained a pivotal role and seeks to expand horizons and rebuild Europe.

At this important conference RE-InVEST will contribute with eight papers to rebuild a social Europe. Re-InVEST is an ongoing Horizon 2020 research project, in which academic researchers, civil society organisations and vulnerable people at grassroots level from 12 European countries jointly reflect on the foundations of a social investment strategy for a more inclusive Europe.

In this newsletter we publish the abstracts of the papers of the RE-InVEST-partners. These papers will be discussed during this conference and will be published afterwards.