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The ambition of the RE‐InVEST research project is to contribute to a more balanced economic and social development model for the EU.

This ambition is translated into an impact plan. This impact plan is based on wide dissemination of the the RE‐InVEST project results at European and national, academic, and societal level. It will reformulate the economic and social development model based on human rights and capabilities, generate comparative knowledge on the main social investment policies, and encourage political implementation of this innovative model by bringing together a range of stakeholders, including people severely affected by the crisis, and policymakers.

RE‐InVEST will invest in empower participants through training and deliberative participation. It will improve understanding of the role of capabilities on the individual and collective level, translated into resilience of societyas it relatesto social investment policy and how it relates to empowering those severely affected by the crisis.

So, RE‐InVEST will create knowledge to reconcile the progress of the EU economic and social development model and individual well‐being, and thereby foster European integration.