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Management structure


Positioning of the RE‐InVEST consortium within the ‘Alliances to fight poverty’

The RE‐InVEST project was born out of ‘the Alliances to Fight Poverty’ network – an informal network of experts from various universities, NGOs and trade unions. The Alliances communicate with European and national policymakers, NGOs, and social partners through memoranda, policy briefings, and written as well as video reports. Through an accessible website, various seminars and conferences, the Alliances aim to create a European public sphere.

The composition of the network also reflects the transformative paradigm employed by RE‐InVEST revolving around grassroots participation of NGOs from member countries alongside a range of practice-oriented academics who are committed to working in collaborative and transformative ways with civil society.

This Alliances network is thus a privileged biotope for RE‐InVEST, not only to discuss results results and progress , but also to allow the research project to translate into capacity-building and policy dialogue.

This creates an interface with the European public sphere.